SPRING IS HERE!!! At least in some places it is!!

Whether you are gearing up for Spring Break or starting to figure out what to put in an Easter Basket! I am going to give you some ideas! Also don’t forget to snag the Free download at the bottom!!


Are you traveling or doing a “stay-cation” for Spring Break? These books are so great for the car, plane, or just staying at home and giving you and your kids some “quiet time”! Here are my tops picks for on-the-go activities!!

  • Sticker Books – These vary in price from $6.99-$9.99 and great for boys and girls from ages 4-10!
  • Wipe Clean Books – I absolutely LOVE these!! My daughter started using these at about 3 year old and she loves them more and more! We have various topics, and subjects from fun activities to educational! I recommend these for ages 3-9!! Also…if you are a little nervous to give your little one a marker..try these amazing Crayola Dry Erase Crayons- these are SO good to have on hand!!
  • Activity Packs – All of these packs have 4 “mini” books with various activities! I love being able to just have my daughter pick 1 and then rotate between them. You can also break them up between your kids to take turns in each book!! I would recommend these for ages 4-9!


Easter is coming up in just a few short weeks! I’ve got most of the things I need, except a dress for my daughter (any tips on where to find that would be appreciated :). I am excited that this year the basket won’t just have candy and clothes…but BOOKS too!! I’ve got 1 or 2 books for each of my kids!!

Owen who is 1 will be getting this adorable cloth book, Hush-A-Bye Rabbit, (which is also a current customer special) and a That’s Not My book, we have SO many cute “Spring” ones too. I love the Chick, Lamb, Bunny, or Duck for Easter! Don’t forget we also have that FREE Tote special going on for any 2 of the That’s Not My books!

Alexa who is 4 will be getting the new Little Wipe-Clean Animals to Copy and Trace and Billie’s Wild Jungle Adventure, she loves all of the books in this series!

I know you are busy, busy! I’d love to help you create a “customized” Easter Basket wish-list for your kiddos! I will help you find books that fit their interests and reading level!! Experts recommend new books each time you size up in clothes or shoes to keep your kiddos engaged and challenged. Simply reply “wish list request” and I’ll send you my best recommendations.


Would you rather enjoy FREE and discounted books? Host a Party with me!! I have a few available dates for April, if you’d like to snag one!


Check out this cute Spring color sheet!!

Happy Spring!